Gallery 3 - Bird Art

Nature Art - Birds  bird art digital collages 


Peacock 1

African partridge

Guinea fowl


Kookaburra feast ~

Cassowary **  ~

Australian Pelican

African Crested Crane

African Partridge

White Faced Herons

Hiding in the reeds #

Galahs *

Neighbourhood Magpies

Rainbow Lorikeets *

Travelling Chooks

Peacock 2

Golden Emu

Some photographs of  birds art not from the artist’s collection and have been used with permission from the respective  photographers .

*Birds in collage by  Petrichor

** Cassowary portraits by Stuart Yeates

~ Cassowary  and Kookaburra by Michal Zacharzewski

#  Walking duck adapted from “Walking in the Breeze” by  Pieter Pieterse

Should any images have been used inadvertently and with out permission, please contact  the artist

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