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Sabine Spiesser is a self-taught digital artist who uses imagery from her immediate surroundings as well as her travels to create multilayered  digital artworks.  Most of her artworks are the result of experimentation , “doodling” or creative daydreaming.

The artist was born and raised in Angola, Africa, a continent which has influenced her art in many ways. She graduated from University of Cape Town with a Science degree and a postgraduate degree in Dietetics while at the same time learning the craft of pottery.

She has lived in  Africa and Europe for several years and is now residing in Melbourne, Australia, where she established a successful pottery studio and exhibited her works. 

Health concerns led to the change in the artistic medium away from clay and fire to the mouse, computer and  printer. While her hands are no longer covered in mud and there is no dust, the artist finds the processes involved in creating digital artworks equally complex and rewarding. Each artwork requires a collection of images to be altered, layered, and merged. Results can be precise or unpredictable, depending on the original source material and the software used.

Artworks displayed on this website are created by combining images from a number of sources such as photographs, drawings, discarded paintings and scanned objects. Images are altered using a range of techniques before layering them with varying levels of transparency. The individual layers are merged using a range of blending techniques.

Spending time with camera in hand or gathering natural materials such as leaves, twigs, bark, feathers shells and ephemera for scanning  is  part of the meditative as well as immensely relaxing process of creating digital art. The artist wanders with her camera through gardens, parks, the wilderness and urban places looking for the unusual and for detail often missed, such as intricate textures . She is a keen gardener and finds much inspirational material in her own suburban garden.



Some artworks contain imagery by other photographers . Credits  and links are listed at the bottom of each page.

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